Listen to music videos

One of the best ways to learn music is to listen to music videos

How to listen to music online free

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Your number one best place to go to listen to music online free is YouTube

A great place if you are looking for professional videos is vevo where you can watch music videos online.

Another site that works like a radio station is pandora  You need to setup a login to personalize your experience.  This one is great because it also gives you the lyrics to be able to sing along.

If you want to buy music you have several options

You can buy music at amazon – this one is great if you want to own and download the mp3s

Then of course you have Apple’s iTunes

Or get it straight off the store from Google Play

For a nice list of online stores to buy music from  and the advantages of each one checkout this wikipedia article.

Now that we have a few places to listen to music videos, What should we listen to?

One of my favorite things to do is search for the top 10.  No matter what genre of music you like, you will find a top 10 for it on youtube  Just type in top 10 (whatever kind of songs you like) and you will get enough music to last you all evening.  There are videos with lyrics on there too.  If you are not getting official videos then search for Top 10 vevo or go directly to vevo and you will find the official ones.

Talent Shows

You can listen to music videos of people on talent shows and you will pick up a lot of helpful tips from the judges about performing.  Some of my favorite talent shows to watch are The Voice from NBC, America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent

But my video/audio player can’t play my music or video

There are some great video players available you can install.   One of my favorites is VLC which is a free and open source player that can play just about every type of music or audio file I have tried in it.  You can also install the iTunes player and sync with your Apple devices.

Learn by following the footsteps of other great artists

Every great artist you know will have a list of people and bands.  People they listened to that had an influence on their style of music and career.  Take your cue from them and immerse yourself in talent and techniques of those successful artists you want to be like.

Once you have listened to some music, if you haven’t already, head over to Learn how to play piano online to learn more.

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