About Me

My passion and a little about me

I am passionate about music and piano.  I wanted a place to share that with others. With my two daughters and their friends, I noticed that when I would share about music and piano with them it turned into a fun time of sharing and learning.  Afterwards we would all go our separate ways inspired and ready to start our own projects.  I want to share that with the world and teach the simple steps that open up that passion.

Can you remember stories of friends in grade school going to piano lessons day after day, getting frustrated, and quitting?

I’m not knocking traditional methods, but I wanted so badly to teach them the joy.  To help them catch the inspiration bug before that spark of talent gets away. I know many musicians that have been trained on every technique, but it’s like music does not belong to them.  They acted like a machine punching buttons at the right time.  I wanted to set you free.   This is your site.  It is here to inspire you and teach you how to get started and do the things with music you always wanted to do.  I can’t say that I know every technique and technical trivia about music, but I do know how to make it be fun.